Malko Academy for Young Conductors

Malko Academy for Young Conductors is a very intense two-year training programme for young talents from Europe, aged 18-25.

The purpose of the academy is to give young, promising musicians a solid foundation in the skills of conducting, and to experience conducting professional orchestra musicians and choir singers.

The academy is designed for highly gifted musicians who already have shown exceptional results with their instrument or voice. The lessons are mainly placed in the weekends, starting Friday evening, and ending Sunday afternoon, thus enabling students to travel to Copenhagen from all over Europe. Only in very few cases, classes will be planned during the weekdays in order to give students the possibility to follow a world class conductor working the the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. 

The plans for the International Malko Academy are based on our 6 years of experience with the Danish Malko Academy, where we work with highly gifted young conductors living in Denmark. 

See the lessons, the schedule for 2022-2024, information regarding application etc.

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Malko Academy for Young Conductors is generously supported by
Fondation Caris, Geneva, Switzerland

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