Fondation Caris

Fondation Caris is a charitable foundation constituted under Swiss laws and aims to help promote talent by providing support to people motivated to achieve their aspirations in all fields of art, throughout their training and education.

Fondation Caris and DR started their collaboration in March 2021 with discussing concepts for a new international academy. Early on, the aim was to give young musicians – with exceptional musical talent – experience with conducting professional musicians and hereby to provide a solid foundation in the skills of conducting. In late 2021, the concept for the two-year training programme for young talents from Europe (‘Malko Academy for Young Conductors’) was created and Fondation Caris generously decided to provide support to DR and to be the project´s sole external donor.

In the first half of 2022, Malko Academy received 110 applications from 27 countries. After three days with entrance examinations in June 2022, six musicians from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, and Iceland were accepted for the first class of Malko Academy.

In late 2022, Fondation Caris and DR broadened their collaboration when Fondation Caris generously decided to support ‘The Malko Competition for Young Conductors’ and to be the sole external donor of this project, too. The Malko Competition is the Danish National Symphony Orchestra’s international competition for young conductors and will in 2024 be held in close collaboration with Fondation Caris. Both parties wish to identify, expose, and nurture great young musical talents. At the same time, Fondation Caris and DR collaborate closely to ensure, that the competition is organized within the highest standards for fairness, clear voting rules and transparency in all selection processes.

DR wishes to thank Fondation Caris for the close collaboration and for the generous support of the Malko-activities.